Our Inagural Amassador: Shymrri

I was on my last day of interviews in New Orleans. I was exhausted, frustrated and ready to go back to San Antonio. I had agreed to interview Black teens on their language and dialects and I was currently on

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#CRC Ambassadors: COVID Thoughts Part 1

COVID had a major impact on my life  For starters before corona I think I was genuinely “smart” in school but now days my gpa either ain’t half of what I can do or isn’t earned. The only thing COVID

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#CRCPGHWHM Spotlight: Takara Canty

 “Completing a compelling fresh, piece of artwork is the only thing that satisfies this thirst to create. Unapologetically not caring if it is beautiful, but allowing an outpour of emotion in color and substance to create an existence of a

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#CRC Ambassadors: Your thing by Shymrri

Hey guys , been awhile. Busy with … ew zoom, and other life activities. Any way, since I’ve been doing my “ thing” it’s really helped me cope with the stress. If you’re unaware of my thing, yeah my thing

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