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Famous rebels are typically depicted by the media as to be determined, fearless, and mostly men. Rarely are stories of women activists, rebels, and leaders highlighted in media. The women behind the #ChangeRapeCulture movement in San Antonio directly challenge this idea. After a pro-Brett Kavanaugh rally on campus almost turned violent, two college students decided it was time the University was held responsible for not handling the cases of rape survivors cases accordingly.

At the University of Texas at San Antonio, a movement completely  led and created by women, is striving to champion the national conversation about rape culture in 2019. #ChangeRapeCulture, a movement founded by two Black women at UTSA, has gone from student protests, to hosting conferences about the reality of rape culture in America.

The movement aims to highlight stories from survivors, advocate for their rights as student survivors, and dismantle the harmful stereotypes that disadvantage sexual abuse survivors in real life. Every survivor of sexual abuse has a story to tell, and the organizers of #ChangeRapeCulture are willing to risk everything to make sure these stories are being spread to as many people as possible. It happens way more than you think. All you have to do is listen.




Taylor Waits

Taylor Waits (22) (She/her/hers) is a first year doctoral student in the English department at the University of Pittsburgh. Her interests include black digital studies , rhetoric, pedagogy, social media , and black girlhood. 


Kimiya Factory

Kimiya Factory (21)(She/her/hers)  is an undergraduate in Political Science with a minor in legal studies at The University of Texas at San Antonio. Moderator for Planned Parenthood San Antonio Votes and Leader/ Co-Founder of the movement #ChangeRapeCulture, Factory challenges Title IX policies regarding structural violence and sexual misconduct at institutions around her community in San Antonio, Texas. 

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