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#CRC Ambassadors: COVID Thoughts Part 2 – COVID and elections

I’ll start this off by saying I am not old enough to vote. 

This is in fact the last time I’ll bet say that about a presidential election. Next year I’ll be old enough to vote. Next year I’ll be grown. Funny how time flies. Politics went from that thing that stressed adults out to the thing that’s stressing me out. Not to mention the unrestful state I was in during the recent election that went in for a few days. Yes it by far was a very stressful time for me. It’s like my future was hanging in the balance. I mean it quite literally was but along with that a hurricane hit so we had already been out of school for a few days. Adding to that we had back to back zooms to make up for lost time. I had to make a painful decision knowing that no matter who wins I’m screwed. Sure one might have me a little less screwed but that doesn’t unscrew me now does it ? Like dear teachers, how do you expect me to concentrate when my mind is literally , “ red or blue gonna win? Who? who ? Jesus you got us right?” , yeah difficult but I still got a 97 on my bio quiz so yay to that . That’s just the sad excuse of what life has become during these corona times. Doesn’t matter when or where you are, if you can log on, then log on. Unfortunately 

With great power ( being 18 next year) comes great responsibility, the ability to vote. Unlike some of my peers, I’m a bit educated in politics for my age group. Before anyone tries to ask, this is knowledge that I try to spread as much as possible. For example the supreme court is higher than the president and is a job that you have for life. No matter what the president tries to do the supreme court has to approve or disapprove. This is also why the number of people in the supreme court are kept at an uneven number , to prevent ties of course. I’ve tried to share the knowledge with friends I have that are old enough to vote so that they are at least aware of the fact that while the president is important everyone you place around him are equally important pieces. I’m afraid of the power to be honest but I trust that I will make good decisions with it.

Between corona , elections , death rates, i think twenty twenty has given just about everyone a run for their money. This is the year that will go down in textbooks. Yes we are foolishly hoping that everything will disappear on january first 2021, by we i mean me. I’ll hold on to that foolish hope. Hope that this was just a fluke and it isn’t the new normal. What if the world as we know it is actually changing right before our eyes? Like what f back in 2019 that was the last time in 20 years that a class graduated from high school the “ old fashioned way “. I’m not really friendly to unwanted change., So for the sake of the future let’s hope that this was all a nightmare and we wake up in January first knowing not to make any of those mistakes. Maybe. Then again maybe not.

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