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#CRC Ambassadors: COVID Thoughts Part 1

COVID had a major impact on my life 

For starters before corona I think I was genuinely “smart” in school but now days my gpa either ain’t half of what I can do or isn’t earned. The only thing COVID had made me as a student is resourcefulness. I suppose that isn’t exactly a bad thing but it also isn’t very.. good. I’ve become a master at the use of quiz let , mathway , and exactly how to ask google a question to reach my desired answer. 

However as many other teenagers do at the moment , I’m in possession of Tik tok on my phone . There’s a question that pops up on my for you page every once in a while. Of you had the chance to go back before corona affected your life.. would you ? It would erase all the memories you’ve had since March. Everyone you met . Every experience you had. All for the old normal. Would you ? 

For me I think that’s a no. I’m saying no to a home coming, to my old relationship, to proper school. There are so many experiences I’m trading for the ones I’ve had. That’s not to say that all of the experiences I’ve had since March are particularly good. Some are lessons I was going to have to learn sooner or later I’d rather keep that knowledge then unknowingly learn it again. 

I also met so many people that even if we aren’t exactly close anymore I’d rather know them then not know they are around somewhere .

The boredom of the pandemic led me to randomly dm my bestfriend who was a complete stranger at the time. The boredom of the virus somehow led me to being friends with a girl I’ve known since freshman year but didn’t really know. Now I can’t really picture my life without them. The idea of going back to a time before those two girls existed in my life is plainly put , disgusting. 

Yes online school took some adapting to but it will all work out in the end. My parents aren’t exactly overbearing about school since it’s never been something they had to tell me to be good at. Due to this no one woke me up and said go to school. No one made sure I did what I had to do. It was all on me . Suddenly my success was quite literally in my hands. I could go to class or I could not. Well considering that’s what college is like I think that while they had no intention to , the school systems are in one way or another setting us up for success in college.

So the question I ask if if you had the chance to go back to March 2020 and prevent it from ever happening.. would you ?

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