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#CHANGERAPECULTURE Ambassador Program: New Beginnings


a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity


i’m a sixteen year old black girl (she/her) and here’s what it’s like to be an ambassador for Change Rape Culture




And that’s what it’s like people.

I have absolutely no idea. This is the beginning of it all. However, I can tell you what it feels like to simply be a part of an organization with such a powerful message behind it. Wanting to make a difference is a thing that’s always lingered somewhere in my soul. At one point I didn’t really care what kind of difference it was that I was making. I just wanted something to change for the better. Whether it be me touching a person’s heart though my acting or though my spoken word. Now that I’m older I’m sure of it. I want to use any platform I can get my hands on to bring a voice to the things often ignored or simply not heard.

All through highschool i’ve tried to make myself a peer leader of sorts. Something about using my big mouth to make the people around me heard really satisfied my soul. And you better bet I have a big mouth. It was always one of the things I didn’t mind getting scolded for. My mother would tell me to quiet down and act like a lady but i’ve always remembered telling her what bullshit that was. In different words of course. Why should I be quiet when there were so many other girls who were afraid to speak up? If they needed or wanted a voice then that’s what I would be for them. Please use me,I  don’t mind in the least.

Which is exactly why Change Rape Culture is perfect for that. Need a voice? I’m here. So at least here’s what I think being an ambassador will look like. Maybe it will be an anonymous story or two. Shoot my dm, say your name or don’t. Maybe it will be just the definition. I have absolutely no problem representing an organization such as this one. The more controversial the better in fact. I live by the fact that if they don’t want to hear it say it louder and if they still wont listen then show them. 

I just want to represent. That’s all for now 🙂

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