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#ChangeRapeCulture 501c3 GoFundMe Campaign

Red background with black stripe and a wedding ring drawing next to the words "#ChangeRapeCulture is make it official 501c3 GoFundMe Campaign"

#ChangeRapeCulture is only $400 away from filing for our 501c3 status! We want to ensure that we can continue to expand, and that we can qualify for funds that can be used to further the conversation about rape culture and sexual awareness not just in Texas, but across the nation. We are aiming to reach this goal by the end of 2020, and with your help we know we can get there! Make sure to stay tuned for merchandise, more fundraising campaigns, community collaborations, and programming coming in the next few weeks! Thank you as always for all the support!

Taylor and Kimiya from #CRC –

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