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White activism is all talk – no action.

It’s reparations time bitches. If you’re not Black ask yourself: do I have a roof over my head? Have I eaten today? Am I continuing to live off of, benefitting from, stealing from, and profiting off of the deaths of Black people today? Well, it’s time to  #OPENYOURPURSE.  #OPENYOURPURSE is a #CRC crowdfunding initiative aimed to act as a daily reminder to non-Black folks to redistribute their wealth everyday to Black folks directly in the form of $10,000! We currently have #OPENYOURPURSE4GUILLY and #OPENYOURPURSE4KHADIJAT – two amazing Black queer people in need of WPM (White People Money) now.

Guilly’s GoFundMe homepage with current amount raised.
Khadijat’s GoFundMe homepage with current amount raised.

Currently we have another crowdfunding/merch campaign by #ChangeRapeCulture recurring artist Thomas selling prints to help Guilly and Khadijat meet their $10,000! Make sure to send them a private message via Instagram to place an order today.

Remember that it takes nothing to celebrate Black People right now. Instead of making a mockery of our culture, of posting black boxes, or slapping another slain Black persons name in your caption – #OPENYOURPURSE. Instead of haphazardly asking your majority white following to sign a petition – #OPENYOURPURSE. This is the time to perform your activism, play your role – the banker.


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