#CRC Ambassadors: COVID Thoughts Part 2 – COVID and elections

I’ll start this off by saying I am not old enough to vote.  This is in fact the last time I’ll bet say that about a presidential election. Next year I’ll be old enough to vote. Next year I’ll be grown. Funny how time flies. Politics went from that thing that stressed adults out to […]

#CRC Ambassadors: COVID Thoughts Part 1

COVID had a major impact on my life  For starters before corona I think I was genuinely “smart” in school but now days my gpa either ain’t half of what I can do or isn’t earned. The only thing COVID had made me as a student is resourcefulness. I suppose that isn’t exactly a bad […]

#CRCPGHWHM Spotlight: Takara Canty

 “Completing a compelling fresh, piece of artwork is the only thing that satisfies this thirst to create. Unapologetically not caring if it is beautiful, but allowing an outpour of emotion in color and substance to create an existence of a story that first was cultivated through my mind.” Takara Canty  Takara Canty has spent cemented […]

#CRC Ambassadors: Your thing by Shymrri

Hey guys , been awhile. Busy with … ew zoom, and other life activities. Any way, since I’ve been doing my “ thing” it’s really helped me cope with the stress. If you’re unaware of my thing, yeah my thing is drama. Something about shouting a monologue at 2 a.m. really settles my nerves. Here’s […]

#CHANGERAPECULTURE Ambassador Program: New Beginnings

am·bas·sa·dor a person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity Hi, i’m a sixteen year old black girl (she/her) and here’s what it’s like to be an ambassador for Change Rape Culture . . . And that’s what it’s like people. I have absolutely no idea. This is the beginning of […]

CRC Pittsburgh – Afternoon of Play

Pandemic or not – the world is not slowing down.  According to covidtracking.com, “COVID-19 is affecting Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other people of color the most.” 34,137 Black Americans have died from COVID related deaths making up 22% of all deaths on record. Discrimination in health care, housing, occupations, education, and wellness resources exacerbate the […]


White activism is all talk – no action. It’s reparations time bitches. If you’re not Black ask yourself: do I have a roof over my head? Have I eaten today? Am I continuing to live off of, benefitting from, stealing from, and profiting off of the deaths of Black people today? Well, it’s time to […]

#ChangeRapeCulture 501c3 GoFundMe Campaign

#ChangeRapeCulture is only $400 away from filing for our 501c3 status! We want to ensure that we can continue to expand, and that we can qualify for funds that can be used to further the conversation about rape culture and sexual awareness not just in Texas, but across the nation. We are aiming to reach […]