Featured Artist

Emmanuelle Maher

#ChangeRapeCulture’s design was hand-drawn by a local San Antonio artist who has dedicated their craft and skill to disrupting spaces with a simple hashtag.

Meet Emmanuelle Maher

Emmanuelle is a Queer, Transmasculine creator based in San Antonio, Texas. With a deep desire to have an eclectic skillset, Emmanuelle
pursues a variety of interests—including social justice and seeking accountability from those who enact harm upon others. This, combined with their screen-printing hobby and nice handwriting, has yielded the #ChangeRapeCulture shirts often times sported by supporters of the movement.

When Emmanuelle isn’t printing shirts for #ChangeRapeCulture shirts—they’re
making comics, saying weird things on the internet, or helping develop the
creativeness of San Antonio’s youth. Or taking a nap.

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